Vocational training positions at the Kuhnle Group (m/f/d)

You have just graduated from school and have to decide what to do next in your life? We, the Kuhnle Group, offer you a wide range of opportunities: If you are more of a craftsman, you are sure to find a suitable apprenticeship in our shipyard. If you like to work with many different people - in person as well as on the phone - the tourism industry might be something for you. If you prefer to do your work in the office, an apprenticeship in the office sector is definitely something for you.

overview of our training places

  • industrial clerk (m/f/d)

    Varied and full of responsible - that is our training as an industrial clerk.

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  • Management Assistant for Tourism and Leisure (m/f/d)

    You want to make others a nice holiday? So start your training here!

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  • Office Management Assistant (m/f/d)

    You are flexible and can act well in stressed situations? Apply here.

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  • E-Commerce clerk (m/f/d)

    Social Media is your elememt? Sales and Marketing stragies are interesting for you?

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  • industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

    You are interested in large machines? Than make your training as an industrial mechanic!

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  • mechtronics technican (m/f/d)

    Mitarbeiter bei der Elektrik eines Bootes

    As a mechatronics technician you are responsible for ensuring that the technical systems work.

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  • Metal technology specialist (m/f/d)

    Ein Mann schweißt etwas an der Unterseite eines Hausbootes. Die Funken fliegen.

    Assembly technology is an ideal starting point for a successful career in metal technology.

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We were recognized as a top training company by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 2012 and every year since 2018. In 2021, we received the official certificate for the promotion of young talent for "outstanding commitment to training" from the Employment Agency. Here, an apprentice is not cheap labor, we train you the way we want our future colleagues to be! And: Life is colorful and so are we! Actually, it is sad that we still have to emphasize this nowadays: A migration background is not an obstacle to employment!

What can you expect as a trainee at KUHNLE-GROUP

Regardless of whether you are employed as an apprentice in the shipyard and train as an industrial mechanic or mechatronics technician, or whether you work in the office and take care of the commercial tasks of the company, you will always have a skilled worker at your side who will accompany you during your training. 

Since you will be assigned to various departments during your training, you will quickly get to know your colleagues and the company. 

Depending on which apprenticeship you complete at the Kuhnle Group, a variety of tasks await you. For example, you can accompany the construction of a new houseboat or help with the organization of the largest water sports trade fair, boot. 

You can find out more about working at the Kuhnle Group and your trainee colleagues in our video and on our blog page, where our trainees report on their daily routine.

Training next to the Müritz lake

Hardly any other federal state is so well-balanced when it comes to work and recreation. Nature, with its lakes, forests and meadows, provides an ideal balance to stressful everyday life. In addition, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offers the best conditions for a perfect start in life, for example for young professionals, who can choose between a variety of different training programs.

In addition, more and more innovative companies are establishing themselves here as attractive employers, making this place perfect for pursuing a demanding profession with a future.

Trainees tell about their training

Life in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is known for its impressive landscape, including Mecklenburg Lake District. If you choose this surroundings for your training, you should take time to visit the different sights and to explore the nature.

Another highlight of the region is the Müritz by it self. It`s the largest inland lake of Germany, but has a lot more to offer than just the holiday bussiness. Many shopping possibilities and a big offer of freetime activities make the life pleasent.

The nature with its lakes and forests is the perfect resort, but has a lot more to offer as well. Many sport activities, especially the water sports like sailing. surfing or water skiing, get practiced here. Who don`t wants to dispence with the cities, can reach Hamburg, Berlin and Rostock in short times.