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Corporate Culture: All Aboard!

Kuhnle Tours is based in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, but our roots are in Swabia. We have staff from both areas. We are a hard working team that like to come up with new ideas and ways in which to re-use boat equipment and component parts. 

People from Mecklenburg as well as Swabians are traditionally known to be more taciturn than extroverts. Nevertheless we are a team of people with many different talents and characters who work well together. We like the lively trainee as much as the quiet mechanic and know that everybody makes their own special and unique contribution to the company.

We are all connected by our passion for the sea. Many employees have their own boat or at least a boat license. If a boat is not being chartered by a guest then staff are welcome to borrow the boat, have fun and enjoying the waterways.

We hold a summer and Christmas party every year. Last year the Christmas Carols weren't as popular as we expected - perhaps we should try some sea shanties next year!