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Whether in overalls, charter polo shirts or civilian clothes - all divisions of our comapany work together. We all like to go boating and latest when we are on the water we get an insight at the work of our colleagues and also see what is done in each departement. At company parties we usually sit in confusion - the accountant next to mechatronics engineer, the waiter next to the painter and the reservation manager is chatting with the breakdown man.


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    Are you looking for an office job or in sales? Discover your possibilities.

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    Ein sehr edel gedeckter Tisch mit Servietten, Rosen und Silberbesteck.

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    Are you looking for a training in our tourism department or boat engineering? Opportunities here!

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    Alle Mitarbeiter des Charterteams auf einem Hausboot.

    All ages are welcome. We are always looking for committed people to join our team.

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Kormoran-boat at Marina Müritz

Living, where others go on holiday


. . . a dream of many people. But why don`t you let it come true? The Mecklenburg Lake District has probably only occurred in the planning of your short trip oder your family holiday. However, if you now deicide for a job at Kuhnle-Group, you will be able to live in a holiday area. 


What can you expect at KUHNLE-TOURS?

At KUHNLE-TOURS we offer jobs in different areas of our company. Whether in the tourism industry, in the shipyard or in the gastronomy. In our company, als employees work closly together, because we attach great importance to a family atmosphere. This we promote with regular events, such as Christmas parties, barbebues or joint houseboat trips. In addition, we want our employees to have the opportunitiy to constanly develop themselves further and therefore offer various further training opportunities.   


With us, you can combine life and work at the water. Directly in the harbour of the Müritz-Lake, you work in unique sourroundings that many only dream of. 


Why to live at the Müritz-Lake?


You would like to escape the hustle of cities or you simply need a change of scenery? Than you are perfectly right here in the area of 1000 lakes. A beautyful landscape of lakes, forests and meadows invites you to take a break. The fresh air and the relaxing siclence make it possible to recover after a hard day of work. On weekends, a varied cultural programme ensures hours of entertainment. There is also nothing to say against a spontaneous fishing trip - the local waters are among the best fishing areas in Germany. Otherwise there is the possibility to do each water sport you would like to: rowing, sailing, water skiing, swimming - everything is possible and that in a variety of clubs. 


Apart from leisure avtivities, of course, a living also plays a major role. This is characterised by low rental costs and a comprehensive network of supermarkets. Do you want a home of your own? Here this dream can come true, because land and house prices are comparatively inexpensive. The state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania continues to invest a lot of enrgy in the expansion of kindergartens. As of last time, these are free in our region!


If you decide to live at the Müritz-Lake, than you decide to live in a healthy work-life balance. You can choose from many different professions with many opportunities for further training.