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Become a part of a great team!

Whether in overalls, charter polo shirts or civilian clothes - all departments work togheter in our company. We all enjoy boating and, at least on the water, we get an insight into the work of our colleagues and also see what is done in each department. At company parties, we usally sit all over the place: the accountant next to the mechatronics engineer, the waiter next to the painter and the reservation manager is chatting with the breakdown service man.

  • vocational training

    Decide for a vocational training by a TOP-training company.

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  • Dual studies

    Choose KUHNLE-TOURS as a practical partner with experiences in trainings of young people!

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  • internships

    Aquino im Hafen

    Use your holidays for making first experiences in professions.


TOP-training company

Three times in a row, KUHNLE-TOURS has been awardes as an TOP-training company by the IHK-Neubrandenburg. To be an TOP-training company means always beinh committed to the regukated implementation of training and compliance with the law. It also includes to support the trainees in all aspects. Activities and commitment beyond the working hours are part of the title.

At the beginning of 2021 our trainer Mrs. Karpowitsch recorded a podcast on this topic togheter with the IHK-Neubrandenburg. Just listen to the german version: https://soundcloud.com/ihk-to-go/ihk-sucht-top-ausbildungsbetriebe-2021. 


Trainees and dual students doesn`t just get back the money for the drives and accomodation to the vocational school/College, they also have advantages by using the charterfleet after working. In addition, we offer to reimburse the costs for the sportboatlisence inland. Is the trainee agrees to contribute regulary on social media, we will provide a mobile phone, which also can be used in private.

  • further education

    Der Eingang zur Marina Müritz. Im Hintergrund liegt der kleine Hafen.

    "You never stop learning" - chances for further education for employeer of KUHNLE-GROUP

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