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    Quality of life

Modern tourism at its best!

It is great to live and work at the Müritz. Our children grow up in a rural region with a reliable Kindergarten, primary schools and after school cares in Rechlin, Mirow and Röbel. These schools make childcare easy for working parents. Secondary schools with full-time childcare exist in Neustrelitz, Rechlin, Röbel and Wesenberg. The teenagers in this region enjoy living in the countryside with many events throughout the year. 


Tourism is a major part of the economy at the Müritz region and tourism gives us the added benefit of a wide range of shops with long opening hours. In addition there are many sports clubs, music and theater groups. Despite the popularity of this region, rents and land prices have remained relatively low.  


Lothringian village, Niderviller has a similar infrastructure. There are local kindergarten, primary schools and secondary schools in the city of Sarrebourg, only three kilometers away. Doctors, culture and clubs can be found there. There are more shopping opportunities in Sarrebourg because of the big supermarkets and outlet shopping malls. In this part of France they like to speak German. Kuhnle-Tours is now part of the community and all our employees and guests are very welcome.